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Ziyabuya Registered Labour Brokers: Labour Hire The Right Way

Formed in 1995, Ziyabuya is a registered Labour Brokering Company, focusing on Specific Labour Employment Services. Registered Private Employment Company by the Department of Labour, we are an Affiliate Member of APSO who ensures that we operate within the boundaries of the prescribed Law at all times. Registered for UIF, PAYE and The Workman’s Compensation Fund, we take our Clients specific needs for flexible labour requirements very seriously and treat our staff with dignity and respect.

Our services afford Companies the opportunity to hire our staff for a limited or contracted time period, as and when the need arises, without compromising their existing labour compliment within the unskilled and skilled sector. Our revised Employment Equity Program meets recent Government specifications ensuring that you can rest easily knowing that you are dealing with a Labour Brokering Company who fully complies with regulations in all aspects.

We know that our Clients are looking for honesty and transparency, not just an easy solution and we pride ourselves on delivering top service in a completely honorable manner.

Who We’ve Helped

“Bantry Construction Services has made use of Ziyabuya Labour Brokers for over 10 years now. Their service levels and professionalism are exceptional and we would highly recommend their services to anyone!”
Colin Erikson, Director of Bantry Construction Services, Bantry